Pasticceria Gallina Story

In 1906, Giuseppe Gallina began to work as a busboy for the Chiabrera Bakery in Alessandria. Successively, in 1910, he moved to Turin.

After an apprenticeship period of some years, he moved to Naples with some other contemporaries to work in the laboratory of Master Coccia (author of many pastry books), where he could improve his confectionery art.

Unfortunately, he had to abandon the world of confectionery to fight in the First World war; at the end of the conflict he returned to Naples for a while. Then, he moved to Rome and, successively, to Genoa, where he got married. Finally, he decided to return in Alessandria, where he opened his first laboratory in via Palestro. A few years later, his son Lorenzo chose to join his father’s activity and Giuseppe passed all his knowledge and experience down to him.

In 1968, Lorenzo moved permanently in via Vochieri 46 where, together with his wife Anna, he extended his activity, which, with the help of their children Giuseppe, Fulvio and Angela, lasted up to the present day. Recently, his grandson Emilio joined the laboratory.

Emilio represents the fourth generation of Gallina bakers.

This bakery is rooted in the purest pastry tradition of Piedmont; all its specialities are prepared according to the ancient recipes.

The raw materials are of the best quality: the Piedmont’s Hazelnut (the variety “Tonda Gentile delle Langhe”) immediately recognisable for its aroma and for its inimitable taste, the Chocolate, chosen among the best companies on the market, and the Butter, produced in the area of Cuneo, famous for its dairy cows. All these choices allow our company to offer our customers a truly valuable product.

The leading product of this bakery is called “Baci Gallina”, prepared by the expert hands of our confectioners as required by tradition. “Baci Gallina” enclose all the flavour and fragrance of our land.

Even the packaging is handicraft. As is traditional, every bag and every box is hand-filled with Baci, and every “Bacio” is hand-wrapped by our shop assistants: Giuliana, Angela and Margherita.

All these elements, together with the kindness and the respect towards our customers, create the basis of the success of Gallina bakery.

How to get there

Located in Alessandria’s historical city centre in Via Vochieri 46
Opening hours: 8.00-12.30, 15.00-19.30
Closed on: mondays (all day) and sunday (afternoon)

Contact Details

Address: Via Vochieri 46 - 15121 Alessandria (AL) Italy
Phone: 0131 52791
Fax: 0131 52791