Serie "Campioni" - 650 gr “Campioni” series - Elvio Banchero Tin Box

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Serie "Campioni" - 650 gr “Campioni” series - Elvio Banchero Tin Box

Ingredients: Piedmont hazelnuts (35% min.), butter, sugar, 0 Flour, potato starch, cocoa, dark chocolate (cocoa 60%, cocoa paste, sugar, cocoa butter, soya lecithin), vanillin. Chocolate may contain traces of nuts and milk proteins.

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“Baci Gallina”

What makes the “Baci Gallina” unique is their daily production, made with passion and dedication, as the ancient confectionery tradition requires. Thanks to this accurate manufacturing every bite of this product gives the sensation of savouring all the flavours and aromas of our land, which melt perfectly in an extraordinary and inimitable taste.