The Story

In 1906 Giuseppe Gallina starts the activity as baker’s boy at Chiabrera Pastry in Alessandria and then moves to Turin in 1910.

After some years of apprentice with other coetaneous he moves to Naples in the Coccia master’s laboratory (author of many books about pastry) where he refines his pastry art.

After a battlefield front parenthesis during the first world war he comes back to Naples for a while to then move to Rome and later to Genes, where he gets married. After this he decides to come back to Alessandria, where he opens his own small laboratory in via Palestro. Within a few years his son Lorenzo starts helping him and learns the pastry art from his father.

In 1968 Lorenzo moves definitively to via Vochieri 46, where, with his wife Anna, will enlarge the activity that still continues nowadays with his sons Giuseppe, Fulvio and Angela and lately with the nephew Emilio.

With Emilo we reached the fourth generation of Gallina pastry chefs.

This pastry has its roots in the most pure tradition of piedmontese pastry, where all its products are faithfully made following ancient recipes.

Our raw food materials are high quality ones, from hazelnut strictly from Piedmont (called “la tonda gentile delle Langhe”) which can be recognized by its perfume and incomparable taste, to chocolate which is selected among the best companies on the market and butter, which is produced in the cuneese land, famous for its dairy cows. All these choices, allow us to offer our customers a really valuable quality product. Our most valuable product are the “Baci Gallina”, traditionally hand crafted by our pastry chef, which hold the taste and the perfume of our lands. Even the packaging is artisanal, in fact every pastry bag or box is filled with “baci” hand bounded by our shop assistants Giuliana, Angela and Margherita.

All this, combined with kindness and respect for the customer, creates the basis of Pasticceria Gallina’s success.


How to get there

Located in Alessandria’s historical city centre in Via Vochieri 46


Home specialty

Baci di Gallina



Historical spot

Opening hours: 8.00 am -12.30 pm, 3.00 pm – 7.30 pm

Closed on mondays and sunday afternoons.

Contact details:

  • Address: Via Vochieri 46  - 15121 Alessandria (AL) Italy

  • Phone: 0131 52791

  • Fax: 0131 52791